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P043 Myth Busting and COVID-19

Speakers:Dr Dominic O'Hooley BDS MFDS RCS, MFDS RCPSDr Jimmy WalkerProf. Jennie Wilson

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The content of this course was correct on the date of the live broadcast 10.6.2020

This recorded webinar takes a look at the common myths and misconceptions surrounding COVID-19 and dentistry.

In collaboration with FGDP and College of General Dentistry

Chairperson: Professor Nairn Wilson

Panelists:   Dominic O’Hooley
                 Mark Steven-Howe (Dental Elf)
                 Professor Ross Hobson
                 Ian Mills (Dean FGDP)
                 Dr Jimmy Walker (Infection Control Expert)
                 Professor Jennie Wilson (Prof Healthcare Epidemiology)

A look through the common myths, misconceptions and areas of confusion in relation to COVID-19 and denstistry.


Learning Outcomes


To look at the common myths and misconceptions surrounding COVID-19 and dentistry.


On completion of this interactive presentation you will understand the science behind the response to COVID-19.

1. Overview

Image for Overview

Areas covered:

  • SOP
  • PPE
  • Clinical procedure
  • Practice and equipment
  • Safety

2. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Image for Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)


  • Why so many, where is the evidence?
  • Are SOPs mandatory?

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Image for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


  • Which mask should I wear?
  • Difference between FFP2 and FFP3
  • Fit testing
  • Why full sleeve gowns?
  • Face shield disinfection
  • Hats and shoe covers

4. The practice and equipment

Image for The practice and equipment
  • Why not just HTM 01-05?
  • Surface decontamination
  • Will UV light kill COVID-19
  • Fallow time
  • Air purifiers
  • Opening windows
  • Hypochlorous acid
  • Mouthwash

5. Clinical procedures

Image for Clinical procedures
  • Aerosols and droplets
  • What is an AGP / AGE?
  • Handpieces and AGP
  • Rubber dam

6. Safety

Image for Safety
  • Is dentistry safe?
  • Are we at risk?
  • BAME risks

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