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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P038 Cleaning Dentures

  • About This Course

Plaque formed on the surfaces of removable dentures can have a significant impact on oral health, as long as it can lead to infection of denture-supporting mucosa (stomatitis), gum inflammation (gingivitis) and tooth decay.
Denture plaque can be removed by several different methods which include: brushing with paste, soaking in chemicals (e.g. effervescent tablets or bleach) and using special devices (a microwave oven or ultrasonic device).

Learning Outcomes


  • To review the problem of denture cleanliness
  • To understand the available cleansing methods and their effectiveness


On completion of this module you will understand the problems of denture cleanliness and be able to advise a patient of the effectiveness of various cleansing methods.

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