Quality Assurance

This statement confirms that quality assurance is present at all stages of ProDental's verifiable CPD activity. The policies listed below are the measures taken to ensure our CPD is of the highest possible standard.

  • Educational Governance Policy

    All ProDental verifiable CPD is written and peer reviewed by leading industry experts. Each course is reviewed at 12 monthly intervals following its release, except where there are changes to standards or guidance that affect the course.

    ProDental verifiable CPD will include clear aims, objectives and anticipated learning outcomes. All courses completed with ProDental will present the user with a feedback form and the opportunity to reflect on their learning. A certificate is generated on completion and passing of the validation questions and feedback.

  • CPD Needs Assessment

    The courses presented to the delegate are relevant to the role they entered on registration.

    A ProDental CPD certificate is issued for all ProDental CPD courses on completion of the course AND the validation is passed with a score of at least 80% AND the Feedback/Reflect page at the end of the course is submitted.

    Leaving this process at any stage before completing the process will NOT produce a certificate.

  • Evidence-Based Content

    All ProDental's verifiable CPD courses are presented to comply with the current standards specified by the GDC, CQC and HSE.

    In complying with the regulatory authorities requirements, our course content is considered to be evidence based.

  • Commercial Bias Policy

    ProDental CPD is produced in-house and as such we endeavour to ensure that all content is written in a non-commercial manner.

  • Integration Of Pre-Existing Feedback

    At the end of all ProDental CPD courses a feedback form is presented to the delegate, the feedback form must be submitted before a certificate can be produced.

    All feedback is reviewed and where appropriate, changes are made to the course(s).

  • Equality & Diversity Policy

    ProHealthcare CPD is committed to providing a supportive environment whereby all customers and employees are treated fairly and with respect. We actively discourage any employee from engaging in, or to knowingly permit any worker to engage in any harassment or discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, religious belief, marital status, race, age or disability or any other unlawful discrimination against any person (whether or not an employee or the Company) in the course of their duties.

  • Peer Reviewed Content

    All ProDental CPD courses are peer reviewed by our editorial board which consists of industry experts.

    Any changes to information, legislation, guidance or standards will be introduced to the course(s) that is impacted.

    Our course content is reviewed every 12 months from the release date, and at the introduction of any changes.

  • Transparency Of Verifiable Criteria

    All ProDental CPD is presented in a clear and concise manner and meets all of the criteria for verifiable CPD. The certificate awarded on completion of the course will include:

    • The subject, learning content, aims and objectives
    • The anticipated GDC development outcomes of the CPD
    • The date that the CPD was undertaken
    • The total number of hours of CPD undertaken
    • The name of the professional who has participated in the CPD activity
    • The participant’s registration number
  • Appropriate Recruitment & Selection Of Those Delivering CPD

    All CPD courses are created by appropriately trained and qualified professionals who lecture routinely on the topic area. All courses are peer reviewed by our editorial board to ensure accuracy and quality. If any courses are supported by commercial companies that is always clearly stated.