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CPD Approx.0:45 Minutes

B2A13 Noma Case Study - An Upstream Approach to Unmet Oral Health Needs

Speaker:Dr Ife Adetula

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This recorded webinar explores NOMA as a Case Study.

Speaker Dr Ife Adetula looks at how the unmet oral health need is greater than the unmet medical need, and this is even more so in rural settings. Previous efforts have been by the downstream approach, with attendant
deficiencies. Instead he proposes that the upstream approach should be engaged.

The talk took place during Bridge2Aid's Global Remote and Rural Healthcare Conference November 2021.

All proceeds from this module will be donated to Bridge2Aid.

Learning Outcomes


To explore the benefits of an upstream approach to addressing unmet oral health needs, using NOMA as a case study.


By the end of this recorded webinar, you will appreciate an upstream approach to meeting oral health needs, in particular in relation to NOMA as a case study.

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