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CPD Approx.0:45 Minutes

B2A11 Maasai Molar Cross Boundary Collaboration at Community Level

Speakers: Rachael EnglandDr Lawrence Nkoyo

  • About This Course

Maasai Molar was established in 2018 to provide oral healthcare in the Aitong region of Kenya. Through local partnerships and collaboration, they established a permanent dental clinic in 2021. This recorded webinar presents the challenges in global oral health and the Maasai Molar story.

Dr Nkoyo talks about the clinic and plans for the future

Speakers Dr Lawrence Nkyoa and Rachel England.

The talk took place during Bridge2Aid's Global Remote and Rural Healthcare Conference November 2021.


This course aims to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of the Maasai Molar clinic story and the challenges in global oral health.


To discuss the challenges in global oral health with particular relevance to oral healthcare in Africa.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this webinar you will understand the healthcare challenges in Africa and some potential solutions.

GDC Development Outcomes

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