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CPD Approx.2:15 Hours

P070 Management of Sedation Complications

Speakers: Carelyn Gore Angela Northfield Munir RavaliaDr Rob Endicott BDS

  • About This Course

IV Sedation is a very safe treatment but complications do happen. To build confidence for the entire team this recorded webinar highlights the common, uncommon and sometimes quirky unexpected complications so that everyone can recognise, be prepared and manage these effectively.

Speakers Rob Endicott, Carelyn Gore, Angela Northfield and Munir Ravalia.

Learning Outcomes


  • To teach the entire dental team, Dentists, Dental Nurses and Management about sedation complications both common and rare
  • Teams will gain additional knowledge over and above Basic Life Support training
  • The course will satisfy the IACSD and STAC requirements for medical emergencies for anyone involved in the care of sedated patients


On completion of this webinar you will feel confident to manage the vast majority of incidents during and after sedation. 

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