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CPD Approx.1:45 Hours

P048 Practicing Dentistry Safely in a Litigious World

Speaker:Dr Kiaran Weil

  • About This Course

In an increasingly litigious society, with dentistry changing rapidly speaker Kiaran Weil presents a recorded webinar taking a down to earth, straightforward look at how to be prepared!


Learning Outcomes


  • To have a better understanding of how to meet GDC standards
  • To know how to have a robust PDP, CPD and Professional Portfolio
  • To understand the common issues that cause patient complaints to progress to GDC cases
  • To practice dentistry in a way that minimizes complaints, or helps deal with them constructively
  • To have an understanding of the pressures associated with litigation and the need for resilience


  • To show the importance of maintaining standards particularly in problem areas e.g. recordkeeping
  • To understand how to evaluate the quality of your own CPD
  • To learn the value of, and basic skills in,  Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness,
  • To be aware of your responsibilities as a Performer

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