P045 Health and Wellbeing in Dentistry

In collaboration with FGDP


  • Lauren Harrhy (Trustee, Confidental, and Founder, Mental Dental)
  • Janine Brooks MBE FFGDP(UK), (Founding Partner, Dental Coaching Academy, and Founder, Dental Mentors UK)
  • Keith Hayes (Co-Founder, Confidental)
  • Kiaran Weil (Dentist experienced in appraisal)
  • Aaron Ferguson (Director, Berg & Williams specialist dental chartered accountants)
  • Chris Waith (Implant dentist)

Currently there is high incidence of stress and depression among dental practitioners and team members. A sense of loneliness and isolation is also commonly cited in surveys, and BDA research has shown that almost a fifth of dentists have seriously thought about suicide. Yet 72% of dentists responding to Dentistry Confidence Monitor (in 2019) said that they weren’t sure to whom they could turn for support.

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To understand:

  • The current stresses that affect us and many of our friends and colleagues
  • The warning signs of stress
  • Who to talk to for support


At the end of this presentation you will understand the emotional and financial support available to you and your colleagues.

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