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CPD Approx.1:15 Hours

P163 Socket Shield - Does It Really Work?

Speaker:Dr Yusuf Alshafi BDS(Lond), MFDS, RCSEd, MSc (Dental Implants)

  • About This Course

In order to improve the outcomes of implant treatments in highly aesthetic areas and to prevent ridge collapse post extraction, a number of techniques have been proposed and developed over the years. More recently, the concept of ‘socket shield’ or ‘root membrane’ treatment has been growing in popularity, but has divided opinion. This recorded webinar discusses the concept and the advantages of this procedure, along with the possible complications and how to avoid and manage these.

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand how to prevent post extraction ridge collapse using the Socket Shield technique
  • Understand how to safely undertake this procedure
  • Understand what is happening histologically
  • Learn how to prevent problems and manage them


On completion of this recorded webinar you will understand the Socket Shield technique, how to undertake the procedure and how to prevent and manage any complications.

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