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CPD Approx.1:30 Hours

P350 Interactive Team Meetings

Speaker: Lyn Paxman

  • About This Course

Does your team have ‘thinking together’ skills, as well as ‘acting together’ skills?  Both are equally important, but we often focus upon implementing activities and tasks, not the skills of thinking, problem solving and creative solutions. 

In the a previous recorded webinar, Lyn talked about the importance of the How, Why and What of communication to make it effective, engaging and impactful for Practice teams.

This recorded webinar builds upon that, providing some tips and ideas for making elements of your team meetings interactive.

When teams are involved and interact, they contribute more and are more likely to act upon the ideas shared and decisions made.


This course aims to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of how to make elements of a practice's team meetings interactive making them more effective, engaging and impactful.


  • How to use a method called 'Appreciative Inquiry' to ensure teams feel appreciated and in a good place to generate new ideas.
  • Methods for thinking together which allow creativity and analysis in equal measure to gain the best from your teams.
  • Tapping into what's important to teams to ensure that values are at the forefront of the way they work and interact together, which results in a more aligned team and ultimately patient journey.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this recorded webinar, you will understand how to make elements of your teams meetings interactive making them more effective, engaging and impactful for Practice teams

GDC Development Outcomes

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