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P148 Delegation Skills - How to Get Others to Do Stuff, So You Can Increase Your Impact

Speaker: Lyn Paxman

  • About This Course

Are you the person in the team who bounces from solving one problem to solving the next?  Do you feel as though you never get through your ‘to do’ list and is your ‘to do’ list much longer than you would like it to be!?  Is a lot of your time spent on admin and less time spent on planning for the future of the business and team?  Do you feel ‘put upon’ sometimes because all the problems come your way to solve? 

This course provides you with ideas and techniques for the actual process of delegation, so you can feel comfortable and confident, knowing that what we wanted to be done will actually get done by someone else!  This course is for you if you manage others, but even if you don’t you will find some extremely helpful tips on how to engage people around you with getting things done – together.


This course aims to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of the ideas and techniques for the actual process of delegation, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident knowing that what was needing to be done, will actually get done by someone else.


  • Understand why you need to delegate and why you might not be already.
  • A method which will give you clarity on what you can start to delegate.
  • How to influence your team to understand why you are delegating more and why you need to spread the workload.
  • Outline four ways to delegate.
  • How to increase accountability and autonomy within your team.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course you will understand the process of delegation and how to gain your teams support with this.

GDC Development Outcomes

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