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CPD Approx.2:15 Hours

P123 Sustainability in Dentistry and Healthcare

Speakers: Amarantha Fennell-Wells BDS (Bris) PGCert ClinLead (Dist) John Prendergast Ian Mills Rose Gallagher MBE Alexis Percival Brett DuaneDr Jimmy WalkerProf. Jennie Wilson PhD, MSc, BSc, RGN

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This recorded webinar looks at sustainability in dentistry and healthcare, with a fantastic panel of leading experts in this field.

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Sustainability needs to be considered as a key aspect in all our clinical and decontamination units. There are many challenges to dealing with delivering sustainability in healthcare and dental practices from disposable single use items that could be reusable to the efficacy of decontamination and reuse on site. The current disposal of items across our industries is not sustainable and we need to change our practices to ensure that reuse and reduce are the principles to reduce waste. Yet, there are other considerations including infection control, the ongoing risk to patients as well procurement and transport to and from our places of work. Questions that we face include: What does sustainability mean to those working in the NHS? Is reusable PPE fit for purpose and value for money?  How do we integrate sustainability into the patient’s pathway?

Speakers: Rose Gallagher MBE, Brett Duane, Alexis Percival, Amarantha Fennell-Wells

Panel Discussion: John Prendergast, Jimmy Walker, Ian Mills, Jennie Wilson


This course aims to provide learners with knowledge and understanding relating to the issues around sustainability in dentistry and healthcare.


  • To investigate the effect of healthcare on climate change and how nurses can adopt more sustainable nursing practices.
  • To examine how improving sustainability through reusable PPE can reduce the pressure and costs on the NHS and improve the planet.
  • To consider how embedding sustainability within a dental practice can support and advocate change in dentistry.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this recorded webinar you will understand the issues around sustainability in dentistry and healthcare.

GDC Development Outcomes

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