P223 An Update on Managing Ectopic Teeth

Speakers Sami Stagnell, Oral Surgeon & Arti Hindocha, Orthodontist present together in this recorded webinar to provide pragmatic advice on interface between the oral surgery and orthodontic perspectives. 
The presentation of patients with ectopic teeth can provide a challenge for generalists in treatment planning and communicating options with patients. Furthermore, with younger patients, managing expectations of parents about progressive options and how orthodontic treatments may be affected is an integral part of the patient experience. The management of these patients is best considered within mutlidisciplinary teams and this presentation aims to explore the orthodontic and surgical interfaces and revisiting assessment coupled with considerations of the various phases of treatment.

Image representing P223 An Update on Managing Ectopic Teeth

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To understand orthodontic and oral surgery perspectives for managing ectopic teeth.



On completion of this webinar delegates will:

  • Review elements pertaining to assessment and treatment planning
  • Explore orthodontic perspectives for management of treatment plans and patient journey
  • Consider the surgical components of treatment
  • Review complications and alternative options
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