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CPD Approx.1:45 Hours

P105 Using IOTN and a Simple Flowchart to Establish If a Patient Qualifies For NHS Orthodontic Treatment

Speaker: Nigel Fox

  • About This Course

Orthodontic demand is growing all the time. It is useful before a patient is referred to an orthodontist to be able to advise the patient and parent whether or not they are likely to qualify for NHS treatment or not. This recorded webinar presented by Nigel Fox, aims to teach dentists how to use a simple flowchart that will enable them to establish whether or not someone would qualify for NHS treatment prior to referral. It’s not designed to give a comprehensive knowledge of IOTN as this is not possible via a single webinar and is not the aim of the lecture. It is designed so that the flowchart can be used during a routine dental examination and should only take a few minutes. In this webinar participants take an informal self-assessment during the presentation to check their understanding of key parts of IOTN.

Learning Outcomes


By the end of the session, delegates will be able to:

  • Use a flowchart to establish if their patient should qualify for NHS treatment
  • Score aesthetic component within one grade of the gold standard in 75% of cases they assess.
  • Determine which Dental Health Component Grade 3 cases would qualify for NHS treatment in 75% of such cases


On completition of this webinar you will understand how to use IOTN and a simple flowchart to establish if their patient qualifies for NHS treatment.

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