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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P467 Oral Surgery History Taking

  • About This Course

It is difficult to over stress the importance of a good history for every patient. In some cases, the history may provide the diagnosis while in the remainder it will give essential clues to the nature of the problem. On this the diagnosis is made and the treatment plan based. A full, clearly written record of the original consultation is essential to assess progress following treatment. Particularly is this true if a colleague should be called to see the patient in the practitioner's absence. The medico-legal importance of accurate records cannot be overemphasised.

Learning Outcomes


  • To understand how to take and record a comprehensive history to identify appropriate further investigations
  • To recognise the medico-legal importance of accurate record keeping


On completion of this course you will be able to use a comprehensive history, examination and consider investigations, to generate and rank a differential diagnosis using all relevant information.

You will  be able to recognise the medico-legal importance of accurate record keeping.

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