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CPD Approx.1:15 Hours

P165 How Can We Minimise the Risk of Peri-Implant Disease? A Practical Guide For Supporting Implant Patients

Speaker: Helen Minnery Dip Dh, BSc (Hons) Dental Studies, FAETC

  • About This Course

This recorded webinar will look at how to support implant patients through their treatment journey using a team approach and for the long term. We will look at current evidence and guidelines for long-term monitoring and what can be used for patient and professional biofilm disruption.

Learning Outcomes


To understand:

  • The importance of practice protocols, long-term monitoring and supportive therapy
  • Why it is paramount that patients are prepared before commencing on their implant journey
  • Why a team approach with implant patients should be encouraged
  • The options for both patient and professional biofilm disruption, especially around complex restorations


On completion of this recorded webinar you will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to prepare and support patients through their implant journey.

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