• About This Course

This CGDent recorded webinar examines the issue of professionalism in relation to dental colleagues, and how it impacts upon the range of medico-legal challenges they might face. It provides an overview of professionalism in a healthcare context and explores some of the characteristics that different parties would associate with it.

The mismatch between these different perspectives and the relative importance that each party attaches to different aspects of professionalism, can often sit at the heart of complaints and litigation.

The recorded webinar also questions whether or not traditional professional values and behaviours are still relevant in a modern healthcare environment that is increasingly digital, consumerist and competitive – or conversely in such a fast- changing world, whether the need for a modern professionalism is greater than ever.

Learning Outcomes


To explain:

  • How and why clinicians, patients, regulators and others might view professionalism in different ways
  • The different dimensions of professionalism, and the essential ingredients of professional integrit


On completion of this webinar you will be encouraged to reflect on the nature of professionalism and its relevance at all stages in your career development.

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