P016 The 7 Secrets of 'Denture' Wisdom

This recorded webinar is aimed at igniting your enthusiasm and love for dentures, showing how we can change our patients’ lives with beautifully made dentures. I will present methods and techniques used to deliver dentures with superb aesthetics and optimal function. I will cover complete, partial and implant supported dentures; using photographs and videos showing how Rowan (my dental technician) and I work together.

Image representing P016 The 7 Secrets of 'Denture' Wisdom

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 To have: 

  • Improved understanding of modern complete denture, partial denture and implant supported denture construction.
  • An understanding that well-made removable dentures can be a valid alternative to implant supported restorations.
  • Increased understanding of impression techniques and accurate recording of centric relation with gothic arch tracing.


At the end of this presentation the learner will understand denture construction, and impression techniques.

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