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B2A20 The Ethics of Healthcare Volunteering Abroad

Speaker: Katie Read-Challen

  • About This Course

Speaker Katie Read-Challen, BSc in Global Health (currently studying dentistry).

Katie is a final year dental student at Glasgow Dental School. She was lucky enough to join Scottish dental charity Smileawi in Malawi for an elective trip in June 2019, where a team of students and charity members measured the burden of dental decay in children in rural areas. In September 2019 she studied an intercalated Bachelor of Science degree in Global Health, again at the University of Glasgow.

This recorded webinar takes us on a run through of Katie's research project which focused on dental charity Smileawi as a case study, using an ethical framework. This talk includes an overview of the literature surrounding the topic of healthcare volunteering abroad. The main findings from the project are also discussed, in particular the themes of sustainability, education and collaborative partnerships.

The talk took place during Bridge2Aid's Global Remote and Rural Healthcare Conference November 2021.

All proceeds from this module will be donated to Bridge2Aid.

Learning Outcomes


To explore the ethics of healthcare volunteering abroad, focusing on the themes of sustainability, education and collaborative partnerships. 


By the end of this recorded webinar, you will understand the ethical considerations of volunteering abroad, with a focus on sustainability, education and collaborative partnerships.

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