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CPD Approx.0:45 Minutes

B2A16 Challenges Faced by the Somaliland Rural Health System

Speakers: Nura Aided Ibrahim Dr Manal Gas

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In this recorded webinar speakers Nura Aydid Ibrahim and Dr Manal Gas share their experiences bringing a message from a country with 44.8% of this population is rural. They share the challenges faced by the Somaliland rural health system.

The talk took place during Bridge2Aid's Global Remote and Rural Healthcare Conference November 2021.

All proceeds from this module will be donated to Bridge2Aid.


Learning Outcomes


To share experiences and the challenges faced by healthcare systems in a community, Somaliland, where almost half of its population is rural.


By the end of this recorded webinar, you will have a greater appreciation of the challenges healthcare systems face in rural communities. 

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