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B2A14 Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance - Awareness is Key

Speaker: Erick Venant

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Speaker - Erick Venant, Founder and CEO –RBA Initiative, Tanzania.

In this recorded webinar Eric Venant explores how to tackle Antimicrobial resistance, emphasising the importance of creating awareness.

One of the key strategic objectives of the World Health Organization’s global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) action plan and Tanzania’s AMR national action plan is to improve public awareness and understanding of this issue.

In Tanzania Roll Back Antimicrobial resistance Initiative, a NGO with special focus to contain AMR has been taking efforts to increase AMR awareness and promote positive behavioral change to reduce the failure of treatment of infections due to AMR. The organization covers both rural and urban communities focusing on promoting better understanding and awareness about antimicrobial resistance from an early age through its AMR School clubs project. RBA Initiative uses different strategies to enhance better understanding of antimicrobial resistance while encouraging creativity and innovation among the students. Strategies include the use of arts and craft like songs, drama, traditional dance, drawing, poems and competitions.
COVID-19 threatens to further exacerbate antimicrobial resistance due to many people across the globe resorting to self-medication, as well as a significant increase in the overuse of antibiotics.
Additionally, due to the significant increase in hospital admissions during the pandemic so far, there is a risk that healthcare-associated infections may rise, including the transmission of resistant organisms.
Containing and controlling AMR demands coordinated action across diverse sectors and disciplines, with a broad range of stakeholders.

The talk took place during Bridge2Aid's Global Remote and Rural Healthcare Conference November 2021. 

All proceeds from this module will be donated to Bridge2Aid.

Learning Outcomes


To explore ways to increase Antimicrobial Resistance awareness and promote positive behavioral change to reduce the failure of treatment of infections due to Antimicrobial Resistance.


By the end of this recorded webinar you will haveunderstand the benefits of, and ways to, create Antimicrobial Resistance awareness, with reference to methods used in Tanzania.

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