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B2A17 How Remote is Remote? A View From the Dentist Chair

Speaker:Dr Penelope Granger

  • About This Course

Speaker Dr Penelope Granger shares her experiences working as a dentist remotely, including working in Tristan Da Cunha, a remote group of volvcanic Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, lying approximately 1,732 miles off the coast of Cape Town.

Penelope, after graduating in 1991 and completing vocational training in General Dental Practice, headed off to Australia (travelling a lot of it by bike), where she worked with the remote Aboriginal Communities of Cape York and on Thursday Island. Returning to Scotland she studied for an MSc in Community Dental Health before working for British Antarctic Survey, based mostly on the RRS Ernest Shackleton spending many months in the Antarctic. 20 years on and she still works for them, albeit in a different capacity of training and offering remote clinical support, utilising telemedicine, for the doctors in the Antarctic. She has lived and worked in remote Northern Sweden for 7 years. In 2011 she made her first visit to Tristan da Cunha as the dentist and have been involved with staff training, planning and developing of the Islands dental service and part of the small working group involved in the development of the new Island hospital and the design of the dental department. She has worked collaboratively with various organisations including Dundee University and DFID. She is currently working in Dundee Dental Hospital as a Specialty dentist in restorative dentistry.

Learning Outcomes


To share experiences of a dentist working in remote and rural locations.


By the end of this recorded webinar, you will have understand the experience of working remotely in rural locations as a dentist.

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