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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P347 Stopping Smoking - Guide for the Dental Team

  • About This Course

Smoking is the most important public health challenge facing the NHS. Although rates of smoking have steadily declined in recent years, tobacco use continues to inflict a significant burden of disease and premature death, especially among the most deprived sections of society. The detrimental effects of tobacco use on oral health are also well recognised. In recent years a range of complementary strategies have been implemented with the aim of reducing tobacco use across the population.

Learning Outcomes


  • To understand the adverse effects of tobacco use on general health
  • To review the impact of tobacco use on oral health and dental treatment outcomes
  • To understand the psychological nature of smoking and the effects of nicotine dependence
  • To understand different motivations – why do smokers want to quit?


On completion of this module you will be able understand the role of the dental professional in providing appropriate advice and support to their patients. This will be achieved by understanding why people want to quit and the effect smoking has in the individual.

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