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P835 Modern Slavery

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  • Legislation

Trafficking in human beings is a modern form of slavery and is a well-known phenomenon throughout the European Union and beyond. After drug dealing and the weapons industry, human trafficking is the second largest criminal activity in the world today and it is a growing crime.

Identification is the most important step to provide protection and assistance to victims of trafficking. Victims often have a variety of physical and mental health needs, including psychological trauma, injuries from violence, head and neck trauma, sexually transmitted infections and other gynaecological problems, dental/oral problems and poor nutrition.

The focus of this course is to raise awareness and develop an understanding in the dental community, to introduce the crime of human trafficking and its correlations with human rights, ethical and health issues.

Learning Outcomes


  • To understand what modern slavery is
  • To be aware of the physical and behavioural signs that suggest a person may be a victim of modern slavery
  • To know the treatment rights for suspected victims of modern slavery
  • To know what action should be taken if you suspect anybody is a victim of modern slavery


On completion of this course you will be aware of what is meant by the term 'modern slavery', be able to identify the signs of a modern slavery, ensure they receive relevant access to medical treatment and report your suspicions to the correct authority.

  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Modern Slavery Act 2015

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