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CPD Approx.1:30 Hours

P121 Making the Right Financial Decisions

Speakers: Linda Giles ACA Nathan Poole FCCA

  • About This Course

Risk-taking in the business of dentistry can be perilous, using case studies of dentists they have previously helped, Nathan and Linda illustrate what can go wrong. They throw a light on the full impact financial decisions can have on a practice and at the same time, advise on how to maintain both the reputation and profitability of your practice. 


Learning Outcomes


To discuss:

  • The full impact of financial decisions and risk-taking on the practice
  • Protecting the practice reputation and its standing with the GDC by having your house in order
  • What can happen when things go wrong
  • Choosing your advisers wisely


On completion of this webinar you will understand the importance of making the right financial decisions.

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