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CPD Approx.0:30 Minutes

P784 First Aid 3 - Burns, Scalds and Fractures

  • About This Course

Under the First Aid Regulations, all workplaces must have adequate first aid provision available for all employees, although there is no legal requirement to provide first aid treatment and facilities for non-employees, including patients. This is module 3 of a series of 5.

Learning Outcomes


  • To explain the types and classification of burns and their correct treatment
  • To understand the signs of shock and its appropriate treatment
  • To understand how to deal with a patient with a suspected fractured bone


On completion of this module you will be able to name the layers of human skin and describe the classification of burns and the potential causes, therefore identifying which burns will require hospital treatment and which you will be able to treat.
You will also be able to deal with patients who may have a suspected fracture or who are showing signs of shock.

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