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CPD Approx.3:30 Hours

P106 Reducing Health Inequalities

Speakers: Alan Johnson Jenny Godson MBE Greg Fell Claire Stevens CBEDr Barry Cockcroft CBE, BDSSir Michael Marmot

  • About This Course
  •  Why is there inequality?
  • Where is there inequality?
  • How can we change this?
  • When can this begin?

This recorded webinar is a series of short presentations on health inequalities and a discussion around what we can do to change this.

  • Sir Michael Marmot - The Health Foundation
  • Alan Johnson – Former Secretary of State for Health
  • Jenny Godson – Chair Children’s Oral Health Improvement Programme Board
  • Greg Fell – Director Public health Sheffield
  • Claire Stevens – Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry and BSPD executive
  • Barry Cockcroft – Former CDO England

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the term 'health inequality' and wider determinants of health
  • Be aware of levels of health inequality and the focus on reducing this as a social justice issue
  • Understand the levels of oral health inequality and what can be done to combat this
  • Be aware of programmes that can be targeted at health inequality


On completion of this webinar you will understand the term 'health inequality', be aware of levels of health inequality and the programmes that can be targeted at health inequality.

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