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CPD Approx.0:30 Minutes

P279 Periodontal Disease a Risk Factor for Onset of Pre-eclampsia and Foetal Outcome?

  • About This Course

Pre-eclampsia and preterm delivery of low birth weight infants (PLBW) remains a significant public health issue and a leading cause of neonatal death and long-term neuro-developmental disturbance and health problems. Recent epidemiological and microbiological immunological studies have suggested that periodontal disease may be an independent risk factor for preeclampsia and low birth weight babies. Inflamed periodontal diseases produce significant amounts of pro-inflammatory cytokines, mainly interleukin, beta, IL-6, prostaglandin E2, and tumour necrosis factor alpha which may have systemic effects i.e. adverse effect in pregnancy on the host.

Learning Outcomes


  • To understand the risk factors for pre-eclampsia and preterm delivery of low birth weight infants (PLBW)
  • To discuss the possible relationship between periodontal disease and pre-eclampsia


On completion of this module you will be able to discuss the effects of pregnancy on the oral cavity and the relationship between pregnancy and systemic diseases.

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