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CPD Approx.1:30 Hours

P034 Is it Time to Go Now?

Speakers: Martyn Bradshaw Samantha Hodgson

  • About This Course

This recorded webinar is aimed at dentists looking at their retirement planning and is focused on the dental practice sales market.  Martyn Bradshaw of PFM Dental will be giving an overview of the current market, valuing a dental practice, the process of selling and ensuring that you can maximise the value of your dental practice.  Martyn also discusses the impact that Covid-19 has had on the market and timing of future sales.

Learning Outcomes


To consider the challenge of retirement for dentists, focusing on selling a dental practice and maximising the sales proceeds.


An overview of the current practice sale market (including the impact of Covid-19); an expert’s view on how dental practice goodwill is valued for a variety of practice types; the corporate and private buyer types and their suitability for your practice.

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