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CPD Approx.1:30 Hours

P053 Tooth Whitening and Tooth Wear

Speaker:Dr Linda Greenwall

  • About This Course

Our diet and lifestyles contribute to our change in oral health. More patients are being seen with severe tooth wear, whether it is from acid erosion, grinding or enamel defects.  This webinar will cover the current tooth whitening techniques, how to treat sensitivity and restore teeth in a minimal invasive way using a 3-step additive approach. 

Learning Outcomes


  • Summarise the causes of sensitivity and patient management during treatment
  • Discuss strategies to manage problems associated with sensitivity and tooth whitening
  • Undertake effective sensitivity treatments and whitening on their patients
  • Diagnose Tooth Wear and Comprehensive treatment planning to include the improve of the aesthetics as well as function
  • Discuss how tooth whitening, bondings and 3 step additive technique can restore in a minimal invasive way


On completion of this presentation you will have the knowledge and understanding of minimal invasive dentistry, how to manage sensitivity and treat tooth wear.

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