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CPD Approx.1:45 Hours

P208 Dental Acupuncture

Speaker:Dr David Johnson

  • About This Course

Presented by Dr David Johnson, acupuncture is a technique whereby diseases can be either cured or alleviated - or put in other words- an extra tool in a dentist's toolbox. It has been known in China for the last 3-4000 years and the technique has been able to demonstrate results that even today are surprising. In dentistry, it is used to treat conditions from TMJ pain to trigeminal neuralgia and prominent gag reflex.

Learning Outcomes


To discuss:

  • Theory and background of acupuncture
  • The principles of how acupuncture works, both Chinese and scientific hypotheses
  • The application of acupuncture in relation to dentistry and conditions treated
  • Side effects and complications of acupuncture
  • How to start using acupuncture in your practice
  • Demonstration of the practical use of acupuncture in the dental surgery
  • Identification of acupuncture points, local and distant


On completion of this webinar you will understand the benefits and side effects of acupuncture in dentistry and identify acupuncture points both local and distant.

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