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CPD Approx.0:45 Minutes

P107 Dealing With Stressors Using CBT Techniques

Speakers:Dr Koula AsimakopoulouDr Heather Buchanan

  • About This Course

This recorded webinar produced in collaboration with FGDP and The College of General Dentistry is presented by Dr Heather Buchanan and Dr Koula Asimakopoulou. This is the second in a series and together, we explore psychological techniques that have been developed to support people at times of stress.

Learning Outcomes


  • Explore the ABC model of CBT
  • Examine thinking errors and how to rectify them
  • Be introduced to anchoring and adjustment techniques to deal with stressful events


By the end of this talk participants will be familiar with the ABC model of CBT and understand common thinking errors and how to rectify them.

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