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CPD Approx.2:00 Hours

P137 Mouth Cancer - Diagnosis and Breaking the News

Speakers: Fiona Ellwood BEM Paul Roebuck PGCEE, FETC (A.Dip), MNCS ((Accred) Philip Lewis BDS Rachel Parsons Tim ParsonsDr Andrew Osafo BDS Dip Sed FIADFEMr Bhavin G Visavadia FRCS(OMFS) FRCS(Eng) FDSRCS(Eng)

  • About This Course

Mouth Cancer Action Month is held in November every year and is supported by the Mouth Cancer Foundation and the Oral Health Foundation.

This recorded webinar, in collaboration with the Mouth Cancer Foundation, starts our series of webinars on the subject of mouth cancer.

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Hosted by Philip Lewis, President Mouth Cancer Foundation

This recorded webinar explores:

  • Screening and patient journey - Bhavin Visavadia consultant OMFS
  • Patient's viewpoint - sharing their story - Rachel & Tim Parsons, Paul Roebuck
  • Psychological support for patient and team
  • Whole team approach - Fiona Ellwood
  • GDP perspective - Andrew Osafo

Learning Outcomes


To discuss:

  • Screening, diagnosis and referral 
  • The patient's viewpoint 
  • The psychological aspects of a mouth cancer diagnosis 
  • How the whole dental team has a role


On completion of this webinar you will understand mouth cancer diagnosis and referral, what it's like for the patient, psychological aspects and the role of the whole team in primary care.

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