Tim Parsons Portrait

Tim Parsons

People’s Ambassador for The Mouth Cancer Foundation

Tim Parsons and his Wife, Rachel – who is a Patient Ambassador – have worked continuously over the last 10 years, to raise awareness of mouth cancer. Rachel was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2008, and underwent radical surgery. Tim was her caregiver during this time and for the following two years, balancing caring for her, whilst looking after their 5 small children, keeping house – and working full time as a Firefighter!

He is painfully honest about this time. “We were left on our own following Rachel’s operation. I received little support from my work – I was entitled to one day off – yes, one day – to care for Rachel. Firefighters make things right for people, but I couldn’t make things right for her, and felt helpless. Cancer nearly ended our marriage and nearly led me to having a breakdown.”

Thankfully, they pulled through the dark times and have since strived to raise awareness of mouth cancer and regularly lecture professionals telling their story. “People think that Firefighters are brave lifesavers” Tim says. “I don’t think of myself as a lifesaver. But those who deal with the patients – the Dentists, Doctors, Dental Nurses, Hygienists, Consultants, Nurses, Medical and Dental Staff – and those who educate others – they are the lifesavers through their work, and they are in the front line in the fight against mouth cancer”.

He continues “And the brave, well, they have got to be the patients and survivors of mouth cancer, who bear their suffering and scars with courage and fortitude and pride. The Mouth Cancer Foundation carries out amazing work to support sufferers and their families and loved ones, as well as educating others and I am honoured to be a People’s Ambassador”

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