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P227 Global Remote and Rural Healthcare - July 2021 Webinar

Speakers: Sue Kevan Karebu Bizumuremyi Rosie Kessous Gill Mitchell Dr Kathy WilsonDr Kiaran Weil

  • About This Course
In November 2020 Bridge2Aid hosted a 2 day conference on 'Remote and rural healthcare – how can we do it better?'. In advance of the next conference in November 2021 we are running a series of short webinars to continue the exploration of this important topic

This second recorded webinar features three international speakers, covering the topics of:
  • Supporting the Development of Sustainable Eye Care in Poor Rural Communities
  • Access and Accessibility to Healthcare in Rwanda
  • The Importance of Menstrual Health Education in Rural Settings

We strongly believe that there is much to be learned from the experience of others in delivering and researching any aspect of delivering healthcare in remote and rural areas and we hope you gain alot from this event.

Learning Outcomes


To provide an overview of aspects of medical education, training and healthcare provision  in remote and rural settings with reference to:

  • The development of sustainable eye care in poor rural communities
  • Accessibility to healthcare in Rwandaa
  • The importance of menstrual health education in rural settings



On completion of this webinar you will be able to describe and discuss the challenges of providing sustainable eye care in remote and rural setting through education and training, the issues relating to accessibility to healthcare services in Rwanda and the importance of menstrual health education in rural settings.

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