Rosie Kessous Portrait

Rosie Kessous

Co-Country Coordinator for Days for Girls UK

Rosie Kessous is the Co-Country Coordinator for Days for Girls UK. Rosie initially trained as a primary school teacher and went on to study a Masters in Education and Social Justice with a focus on period stigma and period poverty. She is also a published author, with a children's book called 'That Time of the Month' currently available for pre-sale. Rosie wrote 'That Time of the Month' to ensure that children who get their period at a younger age than average have access to education that is accessible and appropriate. Rosie works with Days for Girls UK to empower and educate, to form partnerships and coalitions, to create national and international distribution networks, to work responsibly and sustainably, and to work towards the goal of menstrual equity, everywhere.

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