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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P817 Interprofessional Education for the Dental Team: the Key to the Future?

  • About This Course

This lecture presented by Dr Richard Cure and recorded at the Dental Nurse Educators Event, Birmingham 2018, discusses intra-professional learning. The event marked the bringing together of like-minded people who support dental nurses and other members of the dental team on their learning journey.

Learning Outcomes


  • To describe the LSO/IPE model of integrated delivery of patient care and education
  • To explain how the training models have been implemented
  • To show how a model of integrated training and care delivery maximises care and quality



On completion of this course you will understand how the LSO/IPE model addresses care and quality, funding and efficiency gaps. How it provides high quality patient care and enables flexibility in training of a future proofed dental workforce, which can be directed into areas of geographical need.

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