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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P820 GBR Beyond Three Walled Defects

  • About This Course

The second instalment in the 2017 Geistlich UK Webinar Series presented by Dr. Shakeel Shahdad gives a comprehensive review Guided Bone Regeneration.

The webinar recording will provide a great starting point for any clinician looking to find out more about advanced GBR and/or enhance and reinforce their own existing skills.

Regenerating missing bone around implants with 3- and 2- walled defects using the guided bone regeneration (GBR) principle is now an established procedure with increasingly amassing evidence on its predictability.

Larger and extensive defects with less than 3-walls and particularly extended edentulous sites are usually managed with a two-stage augmentation procedure, which inevitably increases the likelihood of complications, treatment time, costs and, above all, patient morbidity.

Learning Outcomes


  • Learn techniques to regenerate bone around implants utilising GBR.
  • How to manage larger boney defects and extended edentulous sites.
  • Learn practice techniques which reduce dependence on two-stage augmentation procedures, which can increase the likelihood of complications, treatment time and patient morbidity.


On completion of this recorded webinar you will have a better understanding of how to manage 3- and 2- walled defects using the guided bone regeneration (GBR).