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CPD Approx.2:30 Hours

P213 Myth Busters - Monitoring Your Water System

Speakers: Robert Dyas BDS DCH MMedSci FDSRCS, Fellow of ITI Jennifer Stevenson Caroline Willis Karren Staniforth Laura EdgarDr Jimmy WalkerDr Paul McDermott FRSPH FIHEEMDr Michael Weinbren

  • About This Course

This virtual study session came about following discussions on the importance of monitoring water systems to understand the risks associated with waterborne pathogens in healthcare facilities, including decontamination and dental.
So many of us encounter water in our everyday roles and do not always appreciate the risk that water can pose to particular patient groups. We've brought together a range of professionals who are able to translate their expertise to help you understand the risks associated with water and what you need to do to alleviate those risks.

  • Introduction and welcome: Rob Dyas
  • Understanding the risks -  Chair: Jimmy Walker
  • Managing the risks: Michael Weinbren
  • The role of the Water Safety Group : Susanne Surman-Lee
  • The when, what and how of sampling strategies: Paul McDermott
  • Panel Q&A
  • Putting it all into practice Chair: Jennifer Stevenson
  • Monitoring your dental practice: Laura Edgar
  • Monitoring your decontamination unit: Karen Staniforth
  • Interpreting and understanding your laboratory results: Caroline Willis
  • Panel Q&A

Learning Outcomes


To explore:

  • The different roles and capabilities in the Water Safety Group
  • Areas of risk in your healthcare, decontamination or dental facility water system
  • The risks associated with waterborne pathogens in water systems
  • The importance of sampling strategies in assessing water systems
  • How to analyse and understand your laboratory results of water samples


On completion of the webinar you will understand the importance of monitoring water systems to maintain safe water in healthcare facilities.

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