P011 Lasers in Dentistry State of the Art

Development in the field of laser dentistry has taken place at a rapid pace in recent years. Therapeutic concepts that seemed merely fiction some years ago, are now a reality and form a valuable part in the spectrum of possible therapies. During the presentation, participants will find out what lasers are, what kinds of lasers are present and how they can benefit from using lasers in their practice including their advantages and disadvantages, indications and outcomes for soft and hard tissue lasers. These applications will be applied to all areas of dentistry including restorative dentistry, endodontics, periodontology, oral surgery and implantology. You will learn about different lasers, when to use them, which lasers are suitable for hard and soft tissues.

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  • To ceate awareness of the use of lasers in dentistry
  • To demonstrate the broad spectrum of use of lasers
  • To introduce a tool to practitioners for increasing the regenerative capacity and combating infection while reducing inflammation and stimulating healing


On completion of this presentation you will understand what lasers are and how they work, the types of laser and choosing the appropriate one.

You will also be aware of the clinical use of lasers in conservative therapy, endodontics, periodontology, oral surgery, implantology, facial aesthetics, snoring and other fields.

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