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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P056 Introduction to Treatment Coordination

Speaker: Rachel Jackson

  • About This Course

The role of a treatment coordinator (TCO) can reduce chair time for the clinician, improve patient satisfaction and increase uptake of treatment.

During this recorded webinar Rachel will discuss the ways a TCO can support both the clinician and the patient. From initial enquiries to the end of treatment a TCO plays a vital role in working with the whole team to keep things on track and create a seamless journey for the clinician and the patient. Rachel will discuss each vital step that is undertaken by a treatment coordinator and how you can successfully implement the role in your practice.

Learning Outcomes


To understand the role of a Treatment Coordinator.


On completion of this presentation you will understand how a Treatment Coordinator can improve the patient journey and how to implement the  role into your practice by learning the steps needed to support your patient throughout their treatment journey.

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