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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P821 GBR in the Aesthetic Zone

  • About This Course

The final instalment in the 2017 Geistlich UK Webinar Series presented by Dr. David Furze looks at Guided Bone Regeneration in the aesthetic zone.

This webinar recording will provide a great starting point for any clinician looking to find out more about GBR techniques for cases in the aesthetic zone and/or enhance and reinforce their own existing skills.

Learning Outcomes


  • To uderstand the importance of timing of implant placement
  • To discuss the different materials that can be used to ameliorate the remaining bone
  • To provide an evidence basis behind the use of guided bone regenerative techniques




On completion of this pre-recorded webinar you will understand the use of Guided Bone Regeneration in the aesthetic zone.

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