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CPD Approx.1:30 Hours

P027 Three Views of a Secret

Speaker:Dr Dominic O'Hooley BDS MFDS RCS, MFDS RCPS

  • About This Course

The content of this course was correct on the date of the live broadcast 15.5.2020.

Dominic O'Hooley's perspective on three distinct aspects of the COVID 19 crisis.

Learning Outcomes


  • To update knowledge on Covid-19 complex multi-system clinical syndrome
  • To provide learning and discussion points on aspects of the UK specific Covid-19 response as we approach possible de-escalation
  • To provide learning and discussion points on the science and rationale regarding Covid-19 pertinent to dentistry


  • By discussion of detailed information regarding the Covid-19 complex multi-system clinical syndrome, attendees will improve their knowledge base and will have guidance on areas for further study
  • By providing my candid, scientifically referenced viewpoint on the UK response to the Covd-19 crisis, attendees will have distinct points of reference for further self-guided study as we approach possible staged de-escalation of the current UK measures

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