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P725 Handling Complaints (CQC KLOE - Responsive) Regulation 16

  • About This Course

Patients should know that they will be listened to and action taken when needed. You must demonstrate consistent ways of dealing with complaints and comments raised by your patients.
You must ensure your patients know what to do if they want to complain (or comment) and that the will be supported during the investigation.

This module provides a checklist for handling complaints, in line with the principles set out in the ‘standards for dental professionals’.

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction by a patient (or their representative), about a dental service or treatment, whether justified or not.


This course aims to provide learners with knowledge and understanding as to why patients feel the need to complain. An overview of the legal obligations when dealing with a complaint, and how to handle the complaint, is given.


  • To understand why patients complain.
  • To review how to handle complaints.
  • To understand your legal obligations when dealing with a complaint.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module you will understand why patients feel the need to complain, your legal obligations of dealing with a complaint when one is received and how to handle the complaint.

GDC Development Outcomes

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