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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P662 Prescribing for Dentistry - Part 1

  • About This Course

This guidance is suitable for informing dental practitioners in the primary care sector, and applies to all patients, including adults, children and those with special needs, who would normally be treated in the primary care sector. The guidance does not include advice on prescribing for those in a secondary care environment or for practitioners with special expertise who may prescribe a wider range of drugs.

Learning Outcomes


  • To understand the scope of antibiotic prescribing in general dental practice
  • To understand the reasoning behind drug recommendations
  • To understand why maintenance in drug interactions are so important
  • To standardise your prescribing regime and help with deciding on the appropriate drug for common infections


On completion of this module you will understand the most appropriate drugs to be prescribed in primary dental care for a range of commonly seen bacterial conditions

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