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P830 Sepsis

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Sepsis is not always easy to diagnose. When it is at an advanced stage with multiple abnormal physiological parameters it is relatively straightforward.

However by this stage it is associated with a very high mortality, so wherever possible healthcare professionals should aim to suspect sepsis at an early stage and initiate treatment promptly.

Both the CQC and the GDC expect dental practices to be able to adequately deal with patients who present with a dental infection that progresses to sepsis. 

Learning Outcomes


  • To understand what sepsis is and the affect it has on the body
  • To be aware of the risk factors for sepsis
  • To be aware of the signs and symptoms to identify a potential sepsis case
  • Understand the appropriate action to take for a patient suspected of having sepsis


On completion of this course you will understand the affect that sepsis has on a patient, be aware of those patients most at risk and the symptoms a patient may present with.

Once suspected or identifed you will be aware of the most appropriate action to take the ensure the best outcome for the patient.

1. What is Sepsis

A look at the causes of sepsis.

2. Diagnosis

How to diagnose a potential case of sepsis.

3. Guidance

Guidance on expectations of regulatory bodies

Referral pathways

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