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CPD Approx.1:00 Hours

P267 Airway Obstruction

  • About This Course

Choking is the physiological response to sudden airways obstruction. Foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO) causes asphyxia and is a terrifying condition, occurring very acutely, with the patient often unable to explain what is happening to them. If severe, it can result in rapid loss of consciousness and death if first aid is not undertaken quickly and successfully. Immediate recognition and response are of the utmost importance.

Learning Outcomes


  • To explain the causes of airway obstruction
  • To discuss the management of airway obstruction
  • To describe the technique to produce a surgical airway


On completion of this module you will understand the causes and potential seriousness of airway obstruction and be able to discuss the non surgical and surgical management of an airway obstruction.

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