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CPD Approx.4:00 Hours

P827 Practice/Compliance Manager Course

Speaker: Nicki Rowland BSc (Hons) Diploma in Leadership and Management

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Providers and Registered Managers with the CQC have a legal obligation to ensure that Fundamental Standards are being adhered to in their dental practice. The CQC have powers of enforcement, to impose sanctions on practices if standards are not being met. This course explores Fundamental Standards and the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) in detail to give a full understanding of what requirements will satisfy a CQC inspector.

This is a premium course and is not included in subscription membership packages.

The course is taught by Nicki Rowland BSc, Dip Man. Nicki has lived and breathed practice management since opening Perfect 32 Dental Practice in East Yorkshire with her husband in 2005. Over the past ten years, she has nurtured her team to achieve exemplary standards in both clinical and customer service-based areas of work.

As a result, the practice has won numerous awards. In 2010, it won the National Training Awards for Yorkshire and Humber, and was also a national finalist in the NTA Small Employer category. In 2011, it won The Training Business of the Year Award in the local Chambers of Commerce Awards. In 2012, Nicki herself was awarded Practice Manager of the Year by the UK’s Association of Dental Administrators and Managers (ADAM).

Course Structure:

  • Recorded video tutorials
  • Live summary seminar
  • Tutor support via secure forum
  • Access to the modules for a maximum three months

Learning Outcomes


  • To understand what CQC aims to achieve and why the inspection regime changed in April 2015
  • To explore Fundamental Standards and KLOEs and how to adhere to these in practice
  • To understand how the CQC inspection regime is currently being stabilised


On completion of this course, you will have a full understanding of the current CQC regime and the evidence CQC inspectors are looking for to demonstrate that your practice is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

1. Introduction

2. An Executive Role

3. Is Your Practice Safe?

4. Is Your Practice Effective?

5. Is Your Practice Caring?

6. Is Your Practice Responsive?

7. Is Your Practice Well Led?

8. Summary

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