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CPD Approx.15:00 Hours

P828 Joined Up CSR Foundation Course

Speaker: Mark Topley FICRS, BEd (Hons)

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A short online course for Principals and Practice Managers covering the basics of how to excel at Corporate Social Responsibility for Dental Practices. During the course, you will learn:

  • What CSR is, and why it is important for your business
  • How to identify your unique vision for CSR in your practice
  • How to build and implement a clear and coherent plan for CSR that moves you from where you are to achieving your vision, maximising the benefit from the activity for your team, your stakeholders and your chosen cause
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of working with charities, and maintaining momentum
  • Getting engagement from your team, patients and the public

This is a premium course and is not included in subscription membership packages

The course comprises 7 stages, each stage includes a document covering the key content relating to that stage. Most contain an introductory and short explanatory video. Some contain worksheets & templates to use in the application of the content.


This course aims to provide the learner with knowledge and understanding of the place of CSR in business. An overview of how to analyse how one can become involved and develop a coherent plan, is given.


  • To explain what corporate social responsibilty (CSR) is, and why it is important for your business.
  • To help dental professionasl decide on a CSR strategy.
  • To demonstrate how to identify your unique vision for CSR and your practice.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this short course the learner will be able to discuss the place of CSR in business, and analyse how best they personally can become involved, and develop a coherent plan.

GDC Development Outcomes

1. What is CSR & Why is it important?

Introduction to the course - What is CSR, its importance, the impact it can have, why it is sometimes hard to implement well and maximise the benefits.

Video, Document

2. Creating your Vision

Why it’s important to be clear on who you are as a business, what drives you, what you care about.

Identifying your culture and how that should be outworked in your CSR beliefs and activities.

How to create a compelling vision for your CSR

Video, Document, Worksheet

3. Assessing your position

What is the current position in your business?

How does your vision match up with where you want to be?

Simple CSR SWOT analysis leading into assessment of what high level changes and improvements need to be made to help achieve your vision.

Video, Document, Worksheet

4. Choosing a cause, and maximising the benefits

What the evidence says about choosing a cause that will fit with your business.

Identifying the ‘sweet spot’ intersection of passion, what you do, what your stakeholders care about to identify a cause. Description of the major dental charities.

How to evaluate a local cause for effectiveness. how to work well with charities.

Video, Document

5. Choosing and planning your CSR activities

Finding activities and programmes that will suit your team.

Choosing a mix of passive, active, visible, invisible, on site, off site activities.

Co-ordinating with national ‘Days’, ‘Weeks’ and ‘Months’.

Planning a calendar effectively.

Setting a course that ensures you maintain momentum.

Choosing a target.

Planning effectively.

Video, Document, Worksheet

6. Getting engagement

How to engage and inspire your team, patients and the public.

How to maximise the PR and patient engagement benefits.

How to maximise your profile and that of your cause.

Video, Document, Worksheet

7. Keys to keeping focussed and on track

Making CSR part of your business processes, visual target progression, connecting with the cause and the vision regularly.

Video, Document