P067 Disobedient Canines: Bringing Them into Line

Unerupted maxillary canines can present a challenge for the general dental practitioner. Recognising when maxillary canines are impacted and deciding on the right course of action at the right time are crucial to obtaining the best possible outcome for patients. This recorded webinar and case study modules are designed for general dental practitioners who wish to develop their skills in diagnosis and management of impacted maxillary canines.   

Image representing P067 Disobedient Canines: Bringing Them into Line

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To discuss:

  • The normal development and eruption pathway of maxillary canines
  • Whether unerupted maxillary canines are impacted
  • Recognising situations in which interceptive treatment may be appropriate
  • Referring patients with impacted maxillary canines for orthodontic assessment at the most appropriate time
  • The possible sequelae of failure to diagnose impacted canines


On completion of this you will gain the skills to confidently diagnose and refer patients with impacted maxillary canines and to provide an overview of options for management of this common condition.

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